Transparency Defined: A Simple Explanation of Our Escrow Fees

Transparency Defined: A Simple Explanation of Our Escrow Fees

At Neighborhood Escrow we believe in what we do. We know the escrow process can be confusing. We know that unless you work in this field, you may not realize why it is important or what we do. We are always ready to answer any of your questions. In an effort to further increase our transparency and build your trust, today we will go over all of our escrow fees. Please call us at 310-378-2456 with any questions.

Refinance Escrow Fees Schedule

Here are our fees for a refinance:

  • $795.00. This is the basic cost that includes an in-house notary, one payoff demand statement, and courier fees.
  • $50. If you need additional payoff demand statements they will be $50 each.
  • $75. This is a document fee that is only charged in certain situations. You can call us to find out if it would be applicable to your case.
  • $50. If you have debt that needs to be paid off via the escrow process then there is a $50 per-debt fee.

These are the general fees for refinances. Do you have any questions? Call us!

Our Escrow Fees Schedule

For a sale, the following fees may apply.

  • Buyer and seller base fee: $250. There is another $2.00 charged per thousand of the sales price. The escrow fee will not be lower than $795.
  • Loan tie-in-fee: $395. This is charged to the buyer and includes an in-house notary.
  • Document fee: $100. This is charged to the buyer.
  • Delivery Fee: $75. This fee is not always applicable but when it is, it is charged to the buyer.
  • Document fee: $75. This would include documents we need to file such as the Quitclaim Deed or Power of Attorney. It is not always applicable.
  • Demand Fee: $50. This is charged to the seller and there is a $50 fee for each demand. Once again, this is not always applicable.
  • Wire fee. $30. If applicable, this is charged to the seller.
  • Exchange tie-in-fee: $150. If one of the parties is doing an exchange, then they are charged this fee.
  • Notes and Deeds of Trust. $150. Both the buyer and the seller (if applicable) will pay this fee.
  • Notary fee: $150. If notaries are needed then the seller pays this fee.
  • Debt(s) payoff fee: $50 per debt. If debts are to be paid off during this process, there will be a $50 fee per debt.
  • Process 593 for Seller Withholding: $45.00. This is only charged in very specific situations.

Now that you see the list of fees that can be charged, it may seem like a lot but remember that only some of these fees are charged for each transaction. Remember as well that the money will come out of the sale of the property – you will be unlikely to write a check for these fees. If you have questions about them, contact Neighborhood Escrow at 310-378-2456 to learn more.

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