Follow This Guide to Have Your Home Ready to Sell in Just Seven Days

Follow This Guide to Have Your Home Ready to Sell in Just Seven DaysWe have good news if the only thing stopping you from offering your house for sale is the perception that it isn’t in good enough condition. The following timeline can help you get your home open-house ready in just a week, despite the fact that it might feel like it will take forever to prepare.

Day 1 and Day 2

Start by packing and decluttering. As much as you can, get rid of it. Not simply a home that shows your individuality, but a home that anyone can envision themselves living in, should be your aim. Remove any pictures of your family, get rid of any signs that there are kids or dogs living there, and arrange your cabinets and closets.

Get rid of everything that is huge and takes up too much space, including furniture. Your objective is to build a clean, uncluttered home that will appeal to as many purchasers as possible in the two days that you have available.

Days 3 through 5

Now is the time to go through your house, identify any little issues, and take care of them. You can also make small changes that have a large effect. For instance, re-grouting your bathroom tile can restore its brand-new appearance. Replace outdated light switch plates to instantly improve the space, and make sure to patch any holes created by removing photos. Be strategic at this point and perform just those actions that you can easily afford to finish in a single day.

Day 6

You should ask your friends and relatives for assistance on this day: Today is cleanup day. Even if you believe your home is generally tidy, you still want it to be spotless. This include cleaning the windowsills, blinds, and all of the flooring. It entails checking for dirt or grime by opening each and every cupboard and closet.

The truth is that prospective buyers will be meticulous. They are thinking about investing a lot of money in a house, therefore they want to be sure it is stable. While a house that needs deep cleaning does not necessarily have a lower value, it is less likely to thrill a buyer. They might believe that if a property owner doesn’t make the bed and clean the counters before an open house, they might not be performing other crucial maintenance duties.

Day 7

Now that everything you don’t need is outside and your house is spotless, it’s time to bring additional items back inside. Contrary to what you would think, you don’t want the house to feel frigid. Hiring a business that would rent out complete rooms that will best highlight your distinctive home will help you optimize the impact of staging.

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