Learn What Make Us the Unique Escrow Company with a Great Reputation

Learn What Make Us the Unique Escrow Company with a Great Reputation

We are glad to report that so many residents of Southern California have trusted us over the years despite the fact that we are only one of many options you have when looking for an escrow business to suit your needs.

We work hard to satisfy our clients’ needs, frequently going above and beyond. Throughout the escrow process, whenever you contact Neighborhood Escrow, regardless of which party you are in a real estate transaction – buyer, seller, borrower, or lender – you will always feel heard and responded to. Learn more about our escrow services below, or contact the South Bay’s preferred escrow business right away by calling 310-378-2456.

During a real estate transaction, who makes the escrow agent selection?

The choice of an escrow agent to be used by the buyer, seller, and lender must be mutually agreed upon. A real estate broker frequently gives their recommendation for the agent, but there is no requirement to use that broker’s advice. To guarantee complete objectivity, escrow businesses have no affiliations whatsoever with real estate brokers and do not pay brokers referral fees. Because of our devoted, knowledgeable team, open fee structure, and careful attention to detail, Neighborhood Escrow is an excellent choice for your escrow company.

At Neighborhood Escrow, you come first

You’ll quickly see that you matter to Neighborhood Escrow when you get in touch with us. We customize our services to exactly suit your needs because we are aware that every real estate transaction and every person are unique. The purchase and sale of real estate is one of the few life events that has such a significant financial and emotional impact.

You can be confident that we will be there to satisfy your needs at every stage of the escrow process. We’ll carefully carry out your instructions and provide you with genuine peace of mind by ensuring that no assets or funds are transferred until each requirement has been met.

What makes Neighborhood Escrow unique

Thousands of escrow transactions have been meticulously handled by Neighborhood Escrow‘s staff of escrow industry specialists, many of whom have been with the company for decades. Because all of your instructions must be followed before the real estate closing, our escrow agents and staff are extremely meticulous.

Will the amount in escrow change?

Yes, depending on a variety of factors, it is possible for your escrow amount to rise or fall over time. Taxes and other levies may change from year to year. Neighborhood Escrow will send you a thorough letter outlining any increase or decrease in your escrow amount. If you have any questions, call us at 310-378-2456. We are prepared to assist.

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