Palos Verdes CA

Also known as Rancho Palos Verdes, Palos Verdes CA is a wealthy suburb of Los Angeles. Known as an area with large areas of open land and incredible views of the ocean, Palos Verdes CA is home to the Palos Verdes Hills, numerous cliffs, and incredible vistas with views both of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Catalina Island. The city has around 40,000 residents. No matter what type of real estate transaction you are in need of assistance with, Neighborhood Escrow is the right choice. Serving the Palos Verdes CA for more than 30 years, we handle escrow for commercial and residential transactions. We work with buyers, sellers, lenders, and borrowers. Work with an experienced escrow agent in Palos Verdes CA who can help with even the most complicated escrow instructions with exceptional accuracy.

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