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You will not find a better option than Neighborhood Escrow in Redondo Beach CA

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, whether you are the lender or the borrower, if you are in need of escrow services then you are in need of Neighborhood Escrow in Redondo Beach CA. We have been working within this industry for more than 30 years and can offer you personal attention that you simply could not get elsewhere. If you want the best in service coupled with a work ethic you won’t believe, then you want to work with us.

You have options but Neighborhood Escrow in Redondo Beach CA is the best choice

It’s true that there are other options out there but we believe that there is no better choice than Neighborhood Escrow in Redondo Beach CA. When you work with us, you are working with a team of professionals who know this business. We have employees that have been proudly working for us for decades, and every agent we work with knowns that you are unique, your transaction is unique, and you need personalized attention.

Turn to Neighborhood Escrow in Redondo Beach CA for a wide range of needs

Whether your needs are simple or complex, we have you covered. Our services include escrow on resales and refinances where we can keep all the paperwork and info organized so that it is ready to go the moment the closing becomes possible. We can help you close on the new construction home of your dreams, and we can even help with construction properties. From bank-owned REOs to income properties, we have experience in it all and can do it all.

Do you have a multi-income property or another type of transaction that you do not see listed? The solution is simple: Contact Neighborhood Escrow in Redondo Beach CA to find out exactly who we can help you.

Yes, you really need an escrow agent

Many people wonder: Do I really need an escrow agent? The simple answer is that yes, you do. When you do, you will have the peace of mind that your transaction is being handled properly. You won’t have to worry about meeting all the conditions or following confusing instructions. Using escrow is a must for buyers, sellers, and lenders. We can handle a wide range of essential tasks, such as paying the bills (when authorized and as authorized), providing accounting when escrow is closed, and ensuring that all instructions, from the buyers, sellers, and / or lenders, are all consistent and followed.

We are proud of our commitment to the community

Our commitment to being the best does not end the moment we close our office doors for the night. At Neighborhood Escrow in Redondo Beach CA, we are proud to be a part of the community. That is why we have worked with Sunshine Kids Foundation for nearly two decades. In total, we have been involved in fundraising that resulted in more than $1 million for children who have cancer to go on trips, get access to once-in-a-lifetime activities, and to participate in events around the country.

We look forward to helping you with all your escrow needs. Reach out to Neighborhood Escrow in Redondo Beach CA by calling us today at 310-378-2456.

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