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As you search for quality escrow in Torrance CA, you will have several factors to consider. One of them will likely be how to find the right company for the job. If you’ve never worked with an escrow company before then you may not even know where to start. The good news is that we are here for you. Just reach out to Neighborhood Escrow at 310-378-2456 to find out more about our services. We have been proudly serving the South Bay area for decades and look forward to being your partner in your escrow transaction.

Learn what you should expect from quality escrow service in Torrance CA

Knowing that you need a quality escrow service in Torrance CA is one thing, but knowing what that means and how to get it can be challenging. You need an escrow agent who will collect the funds and documents as instructed, and who will communicate well with you. You need an escrow agent who knows how to follow the Residential Purchase Agreement as well as the Joint Escrow Instructions. You need Neighborhood Escrow.

Yes, you need quality escrow in Torrance CA

Those who aren’t familiar with real estate transactions may wonder if they really need escrow services at all. After all, can’t you simply give a check to the seller, they give you the keys to the house, and you both move on with your lives? Not so fast. What would the seller do if your check didn’t clear? What if you gave the seller the money but they refused to file the grant deed that transferred the property to you? An escrow agent can prevent these types of disasters.

The ins and outs of quality escrow in Torrance CA

It doesn’t matter if you’re the buyer or seller, whether you’re the lender or borrower, you or your agent will work with the other involved parties to come up with the Escrow Instructions. Once these have been created, then they will be sent to the escrow officer. They will also get all the payments and documents related to the sale of the property.

The escrow then performs many duties as part of quality escrow in Torrance CA. If there are liens against the property they will pay them off – including prior mortgages. They will pay outstanding bills. They will have the Grant Deed recorded. In short, they will do everything necessary to complete the sale. Once they’ve followed the steps outlined in the Escrow Instructions, they will close the escrow out and the transaction will be complete.

Payment for quality escrow in Torrance CA

There are many activities within the Escrow Instructions that cost money. The escrow agent will have to pay document transfer fees, fees to record the grant deed, inspection fees, title insurance fees, etc. These are all agreed upon beforehand and either the buyer or seller is generally responsible for them. As to the escrow fees themselves, they are generally split between the buyer and seller with each side paying 50%.

If you need quality escrow in Torrance CA then it’s time to reach out to Neighborhood Escrow at 310-378-2456. We look forward to working with you.

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